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Portable truck scales

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  • Truck Scales
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  • HZGH
  • Model:
  • SCS-PD
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  • Capacity: 30t, 40T
  • Update Time:
  • 05-21-2019
Detail Information

*Name: Portable Axle Weigher
*Capacity: 30t
*Model: SCS-PD
*Single axle capacity: 15t x 2PCS =30t,
*Platform size: 390x700x30mm
*Whole precision: 3%-6%. AC and DC power supply
*Capacity of single pad: 15t,
*Weighing speed; <5 km/h
*The weighing platform is a whole aluminium alloy plate,
And strain gauge is directly attached to the weighing platform
*Two pads combined together as one set, and the truck is no need to stop when weighing
*Every axle passes in turn, and the indicator will show the weight of each axle and whole truck.
*With printer indicator 1PCS
*With aluminium alloy plate 2PCS
*With skidproof rubber ramp 4PCS

Road Weigher Platform & Indicator
This rugged cast aluminum weighing plate is light enough to accommodate portability yet large enough for any type of vehicle. The bright orange industrial paint is baked on to the aluminum alloy chassis. XK3101M2 platforms not only look tough, they're built tough! With a variety of capacities & higher resolutions the XK3101M2 can be used in almost any application. Solid rubber ramps provide maximum grip and balance in even the most severe unleveled conditions. These rubber ramps also reduce the total weight of the product. The XK3101M2 can even accommodate for virtually any vehicle's axel arrangement with the simple use of "Dummy Plates. " Theses are simply solid rubber spacers of different sizes that can be placed between multiple platforms.

Detail file:
* Easy to carry portable type
* Possible to display weight of each wheel or of total wheels semipermanent structure made from aluminum
* Outstanding water resistant and Vibration-proof effect
* Used for finding over-loaded vehicle and Weighing test when car is let out

Portable truck scales
  • Portable truck scales
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